FSL Gold Draw – 28th June 2013

The 77th FSL Gold Draw was held on Friday 28 June 2013. The first four balls drawn for the Euro Millions Draw in ascending order were 01, 15, 28, 35 resulting in a FSL Gold Draw Number of 1585.

The jackpot of £150 was not won.

The jackpot prize next week will be £1000 and if not won will rollover at £150 a week until won. In addition to the new improved jackpot prize a new format for the “Treble” includes prizes totalling £200 per week.  For further details visit our Home page for further details.

There were 5 winners sharing this weeks £50 “Treble” prize:

Rose McGardle (from Wesham with No 1555)

Mrs Atkinson (from Kirkham with No 0585)

Miss Hughes (from Wesham with No 1785)

Miss Gornall (from Warton with No 1535)

Mrs Tilley (from Warton with No 6585)