Social Responsibility

Responsible Gambling – Need Any Help?

Gambling is an exciting form of entertainment which should be harmless fun and entertainment.

For the great majority of people who play the Fylde Sports Lottery gambling is an enjoyable leisure pursuit. For a very small number however, there may be problems and gambling can cease to be fun.

Gambling may be a problem for people who:

  • Continue to gamble until all their money is gone.
  • Borrow money to continue gambling.
  • Due to their gambling, neglect the welfare of themselves and their family.
  • Feel unable to take breaks when gambling for prolonged periods of time.


If you think that you may have a gambling problem, or if someone close to you is experiencing a problem, assistance and support can be obtained from GamCare, the national centre for information, advice and practical help for anyone affected by problem gambling.

More information on GamCare can be found on their website –
For immediate advice or support you can contact the GamCare National Helpline on 0845 600 0133.

F.S.L Gold  is dedicated to ensuring that our customers gain a positive experience from their gambling activities and are committed to providing advice and assistance where requested.

Other sources of information include:
GamCare is a registered charity supported by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust (